Artist Statement -- Images


Immersion 1991-2016

Virtual Reality Headset 1991

This Virtual Reality (VR) headset is stunningly like a mask. Its eyes glowing. You put it on, literally these 'eyes' are right to yours and part of you disappears. Immersed.

In this artwork, the image is 'immersed' in the thick Plexiglas. It is illuminated from within, just as the new media is. And though 'we put it on' to go to another world, like a mask, it puts us on as well.

In my original VR project in 1991 I developed a kind of spectral arm and hand that was driven by the user's/player's. You can see this hand in the eyes of the mask. My red sketch shows the plan for the sensor pickups on the tracking glove worn by the user/player. This red 'hand' is shown next to the red electrical wire of this box - plugged in - just as the body is in VR.

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