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Shroud/Chrysalis I

Performance, interactive new media installation comprised of an entirely white room, including flooring. The space is brightly lit, leaving windows exposed and unadorned. A glass table (30 cm high) is situated in the middle of the room. The only other material is copper taffeta; an electro-magnetic shielding fabric. In its unperformative state the fabric is left folded in the centre of the glass table. Spectators are invited to be wrapped. The act of wrapping and unwrapping is performed by two female attendants. When wrapped, the spectator is 'unplugged'; aware of his or her surroundings, capable of seeing and hearing through the fabric; and on display for the better part of 20 minutes.

Glass table, copper taffeta, two female attendants. Dimensions variable.

All technical equipment is supplied and part of the piece. Technical instructions and support can be provided as negotiated.

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