Artist Statement -- Images

Still Lives I

Inconsequential objects are repeatedly given by successful heart transplant patients to the cardiologist. These objects take on a life of their own. On the surface they are worthless but they set out to bridge the unfathomable: losing your heart in order to live with another’s; if your immune system defends you, the intruder heart will die and so will you; your new heart was never ‘dead’ but was alive/dead and now continues alive. These objects are highly charged attempting to bridge life and death and the borders of what we think ourselves to be. These ones are in Dr. Ross’s office. She cannot part with them, like charms where the link cannot be broken. There are positive and negative stereoscopic images of the tokens. In the negative prints we can see her words. “ Why do you give this to me” / I’m afraid to ask”. The artist is collaborating with an interdisciplinary research team and its study into the emotional and psychological effects of heart transplantation. The artist wishes to thank the transplant team for their generosity and their remarkable strength of mind.

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