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Virtual Body

A Rococo room is a XIXth Century virtual space, designed to visually intoxicate the senses. Here, this space is miniaturized as a glass illuminated room. Seen through the viewfinder, it appears inverted. Placing the hand through the side opening onto the floor (computer screen), triggers a set of perceptual and proprioceptive reactions. This disturbs the spectator's sense of presence. Through this interaction, the spectator shifts from a first state, as an observer, to a new state, as a virtual body. The spectator is taken in, dispersed and positionless.

Electronics, computer, wood, glass, mirror, brass, liquid crystal Mylar, monitor, transparencies. About 4 x 2 x 2 feet. Commissioned for Antwerp '93 Festival, Belgium.

All technical equipment is supplied and part of the piece. Technical instructions and support can be provided as negotiated.

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